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Chairman's Message

Shri Ramakrishna said “As long as I live, so long do I learn.”

True indeed, for knowledge is an eternal journey, and the quest for it lies not in our books alone, it is in our experiences too. So for an individual to be knowledgeable, their experiences need to be enriching.

In accordance with this philosophy, our team at BTTC believes in giving a lifetime learning experience to our students, so when as teachers - they reciprocate the same.

We impart quality education to our students through high-tech teaching aids, learned faculties, equipped laboratories and a hands-on practical experience in required areas.

We are a young country. Our youth would chart the country’s graph tomorrow. I sincerely believe that, our commitment to knowledge would help every child get their proper due of education, and that would be the dawn of a new era for us.

Amit Kumar

B. Tech (ISM Dhanbad)